The Best Way to Soundproof a Room

When you’re in a music band, there’s always a big truth that you want to have a soundproof room. This is where band practices are done and the majority of recording performances takes place. But what is a soundproof room means? How does it affect to any person that is in line of music? And what is the best way to soundproof a room?

What is Soundproof?

First thing, if you don’t know what is this kind of room well then this is the answer; soundproof means that there is a reduced sound pressure that is in respect of the receptor from the sound source. Aside from using barriers to deflect any absorbed energy from sound waves, noise can also be reduced by distance. But distance is not always preferred because of the invention of a soundproof room. There are keys to make a soundproof room such as,  distance, absorption, reflection, diffusion, and noise cancellation to name a few. So the best way to soundproof a room is to have those keys before making a room soundproof.

Best Way to Soundproof a Room

best way to soundproof a roomEven if you want to start to own a recording studio or just to have a fortress of isolation, having a soundproof room is always in your list. And how can you make a soundproof room if you don’t know anything of it, then here is a guide to have a best way to soundproof a room. You need to follow because it is not always easy in building one and it can be a help if you are low on a budget because it requires big budget.

  1. You would not need a large amount of money to have a soundproof room. But this will help you lessen your financial burden. The walls and ceilings of a soundproof room must be thicker than the regular room. The density of the walls is accountable to sound force which can dampen while inside the room. There are two ways on how you can create you walls and ceilings; the first is using a soundproofing compound s like the Green Glue. This kind of substance can convert sound energy into heat energy with its effect of absorbing the sound instead of dampening it. The application is like a waterproof and can basically laminate your existing ceiling and wall. It is a good chose if don’t want to minimize your space or to expand it.  The other one is using drop ceilings and double walls. It can be an option to use a thicker ceiling or wall.  Then, build your wall that has a basic frame then attach anther wall in the existing surface using in its present studs. It will then be covered with a layer of either a sheetrock or drywall. The space between the two walls can be remained empty or if you want, you can also fill it up with insulations. Then you can now finish your new wall with soundproofing panels.
  2. The best way to soundproof a room is to adjust your floors. Yes, it can be also a soundproof floor. Using a carpet can also be a good way or if you want, there are special mats that are used for soundproofing that goes under the regular carpet. If you already purchased something like this, then check out and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation
  3. Installing a soundproof panel is also a best way to soundproof a room.  If you are low on a budget, draperies and thick curtains may be used.

What is the Best Way to Soundproof a Room for Drums?

A drum set is the backbone of every musical piece. And playing or practicing the drum may not be favorable if been set on your bedroom. Moreover, this musical instrument creates noise and vibrations most so what you will need is to have a free space where you can play your drums without disturbing someone else. In addition, there is a more chance to have better play on the instrument when you are inside of the soundproof room. There are three little tricks on how to have best way to soundproof a room.

  1. You can always use sheets that have an acoustic absorption. You will cover the room with sheets as much as possible. Using this sheet can definitely trick any room to be soundproof and be practice place for the drums. The reason for this is the sheet absorbs the echoes, noise reflection, and the reverberation of the room.  This also makes the sound inside be clearer and cleaner even though if you to take practice in lower volume. It can also reduce the level of the sound pressure inside the room without sound escape.
  2. Another trick is sealing all leaks of the room. The reason for it is if there is air that goes in, and then sound can also goes out of it. Just remember that air-tightness isn’t good so just look for air leaks that are large. To find any leaks, you will be needing flashlight or just feel for any airflow on walls, windows, or seams. Having doors that are designed for a soundproof room is a good choice to have best way to soundproof a room. With this, door problems like air leaks may be stopped and thus confine the sound in.  If you found out air leaks, tapes and caulk can be applied.

It’s always good to practice inside soundproof room for the drums because, you can contain the noise around the room, leaving the outside free from its noise. Furthermore, practicing inside is better than in an open space. The latter means that when you are in a practice session, the sound you make is broken and cannot distinguish what is lacking. Unlike if you are in a soundproof room, the contained sound is audible and recognizable. You can easily pinpoint what lacks in in your practice. And the best way to soundproof a room is to know what you will be doing with that room for layout purposes.